Those who now take the V-test can save up to 300 euros on energy bill: “It still pays to change in time and condition”

You can take the V-test on the VREG website. A test with which you can calculate whether you can conclude a cheaper energy contract somewhere. The VREG also keeps figures of the average savings that a change of energy supplier can bring you. The most recent figures show that you can save up to 309 euros if you change now.

Up to 309 euros cheaper for electricity and natural gas

Leen Vandezande, VREG’s spokesperson, provides additional explanation of this savings figure. “The VREG calculates every month how much an average family can save for electricity and natural gas. That 309 euros is therefore the sum of the total savings for the two energy contracts together.”

But the VREG also makes a separate calculation for the savings potential for electricity and natural gas separately. “A family that only uses electricity can save on average 113 euros per year by switching. The amount is even higher for natural gas. A family can save on average almost 200 euros by switching energy supplier,” says Vandezande.

Typical consumption of an average family

The figures presented by the VREG are averages. Vandezande explains how the VREG obtained those amounts. “In the calculation we make an average price of all energy contracts that are offered on the market today. And we will compare that amount with the cheapest contract that is offered today. We will apply that difference to a household’s average consumption of electricity and natural gas. . ”

Because the calculation of the savings potential for electricity and natural gas is based on averages, not everyone will save equally. “Some people who already have an advantageous contract will hardly be able to save. But there are also a suit who can save a lot more,” said Vandezande.

Only save on energy costs

Many listeners tell De Inspecteur that it is impossible for them to save 309 euros on electricity and natural gas. Marc D’Hollander writes that he has an energy bill of around 1000 euros per year. “About 700 euros of this consists of taxes and levies. The other 300 euros is the actual cost of energy. The savings from the V-test only relate to the cost of energy.”

Vandezande confirms that you can only save on the price of energy. “By switching supplier you will not save on the cost price for network tariffs and taxes. Now, those network tariffs and taxes are charged based on your kilowatt-hour. So if you use less, that amount will also go down. item also calculated on the energy component of your bill. So the cheaper that share becomes, the less VAT you pay on it. ”

Prices without discount

The results that you will see when you take the V-test are always prices including VAT but without discount. The VREG consciously chooses not to include discounts in the list of proposals. But Vandezande points out that it is worthwhile to look for it. “We always advise people to take the V-test first. Then you can see which contracts may be of interest to you. Based on that result, you can then contact a supplier and ask if a discount is possible.”

Although you should not let yourself be led too much by those discounts. Vandezande points out a number of catches that may be under the grass. “A discount only applies to a part of your energy bill. Only to the energy component and not to the network tariffs or taxes. Often there are also conditions attached. For example, there are suppliers who only grant the benefit if you have been a customer for at least one year. continues. ”

What if you don’t have an energy contract yet?

Some people question the usefulness of the V-test if you have never concluded an energy contract. The Inspector receives a question from a young man in his twenties who will soon be living alone for the first time. “I have never concluded an energy contract. I have no idea what my consumption is and I also have no invoices that I can submit as a reference. Does the V-test make sense?”

According to Vandezande, the V-test is a useful starting point even in that case. “The test is of course more accurate if you can enter a real consumption. But you can also do a V-test based on an estimated consumption. This gives you an idea of ​​the prices and the associated contracts that can be found at the moment. to be.”

Do not change if you have a social rate

The social rate is the same for every supplier. The VREG does not recommend changing, unless of course you are not satisfied with the service of that supplier.

Brussels residents can consult Brugel

If you live in Brussels, you cannot use the V-test as it is the comparative test of the Flemish energy regulator.

But the Brussels regulator Brugel also has a comparative test. You can do it here.


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