Thousands of companies oppose CoronaCheck app

From childcare to record store, 4543 companies are already enthusiastic, according to the platform Keuze Vrij Bij Mij (KVBM). Anyone who registers lets them know that everyone is welcome, says the organization. So even without test proof or vaccination.

What is striking: they are mainly smaller companies and the majority (more than 3100) are classified under ‘care and health’. These include doulas, homeopaths and coaches.

Hard times

A tour of various entrepreneurs who registered and who prefer not to be mentioned by name shows that they do not feel comfortable making a distinction.

Even if they are not affected by the measures in practice: not participating is a statement and vaccination is their own choice. Some also show that with a KVBM logo on their site.

“The most important thing for me in these difficult times is not to forget that we are all human,” says one of them. And: “I want to set everyone free,” said another. For some it means that there is no control at the gate. But many also just apply the rules, even if they are there not happy with it.

However, as opponents of the CoronaCheck app, you cannot blindly follow the lists. City hotel and restaurant Van Rossum in Woerden, for example, is on the list of KVBM, but inquiries show that the company has not registered at all.

Not registered

“All our guests are checked on the CoronaCheck app,” says marketing employee Iris Otten. “We are in the process of removing our name from the website.”

For a while, sites such as KVBM, Horeca Zonder Prik and documents around with names of companies that do not participate in the audit policy. Sometimes without realizing it Sign Up. Horeca Zonder Prik has announced that it will only allow registrations of which the entrepreneur has ‘publicly announced not to participate in the corona pass’. For example through Facebook.

KVBM could not be reached for comment at the time of writing. But founder Olaf Weller said earlier that he wants to make places visible that ‘leave everyone free’. He is not out to encourage people to break the rules.

Do not check

“We are not against vaccines, we are for connecting people and not for polarization,” he told RTL Nieuws earlier this month. According to him, this means in practice that, if sufficient distance can be kept, it is okay not to check the Corona Check app.

Ultimately, Weller hopes to physically connect like-minded people through events as well. His site is being expanded with the help of donations. Entrepreneurs decide for themselves whether they want to join, there is no pre-selection.

There is someone who approves the registrations and pays attention to doubles, even if they are here and there still on site. Entrepreneurs are responsible for any consequences or fines.

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