Three smart Excel tools and one alternative to Excel

Microsoft Excel is an ingenious spreadsheet program. But Excel gets even better with the right free extensions. We are therefore introducing you to three free extensions for Excel. And a free alternative.

Excel annual planner: appointment management for

Projects, vacation times and birthdays

In the free Excel annual planner 2020, 2021 and 2022 you can enter all important dates such as projects, vacation times and birthdays and thus always have an overview of the whole year. The dates can be marked in different colors depending on the category, for example a separate color for projects, vacation times and birthdays. Holidays and weekends are marked in the Excel annual planner right from the start. The vacation dates of the federal states and important trade fair dates are also already entered. Comments can be added to each appointment in the Excel annual planner.

Excel yearly planner is available free of charge, you just have to register with your email address.

Download Excel annual planner

PC-Welt ExcelTricks: Workbooks for overtime, repayment plan and transactions

With the help of three quite complex but useful sample workbooks in the archive PC-WELT-ExcelTricks, we will show you how to push Excel to its limits. Among other things, you will receive a folder for calculating your overtime, another for drawing up a repayment plan for a loan and a third for analyzing the money movements in your accounts.

Download: PC-WORLD ExcelTricks

ASAP Utilities: Macro Collection

ASAP Utilities is a macro collection with several hundred commands for formatting worksheets and entries, for marking areas or for targeted access to data that meet certain requirements.

Download: ASAP Utilities

Gnumeric: Spreadsheets for free

Gnumeric is a spreadsheet from the Gnome project and masters the creation and management of tables. Mathematical formulas are available for calculations and the display functions can be used to display diagrams in various forms.


The project managers have the further development of the


Gnumeric version long discontinued. The free Calc from LibreOffice can be used as a replacement. the


Version of Gnumeric, however, is being further developed, the current version is 1.12.48:

Download: Gnumeric for Linux

Advice: ten smart Excel tips

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