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Thriller: It is not fluff in the Harper house Movie

This new case is very reminiscent of a previous disappearance, for which someone is already behind bars. Although that is not the only buzz of tension in this film. After all, more and more things are happening in the villa of the Harpers for which the indomitable residents have no explanation. Their belongings disappear or are moved, they feel threatened and watched. Or is that all just imagination?

British director Adam Randall made his Netflix production iBoy and made with I see you his first feature film. The way in which he builds the story, stirs up the mystery and gets the spectator into it is commendable.

Yet much of the tension seeps away when Randall tries to connect the different elements of his story. Because then it seems that the retrospective logic goes a long way. And the previously presented puzzle pieces fit together poorly.



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