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Thriller: Lying and cheating in the name of art | Movie

Pride comes before the fall in the book adaptation The burnt orange heresy. Figueras is seduced by an American tourist (Elizabeth Debicki) and decides to take her to the estate of a wealthy art collector (Mick Jagger in his first film role since 2001). There he gets the chance to interview Jerome Debney (Donald Sutherland), an enigmatic painter who has not shown his face for decades. In return, Figueras must get hold of one of his extremely rare paintings.


Soon the smug intellectual finds himself not alone in distorting the truth. It remains deliberately vague who is manipulating whom. With the elite art world as the setting, late The burnt orange heresy casually watching people screw themselves up by the load of masks they put on.

A great story for a classic thriller, but director Giuseppe Capotondi unfortunately does not know how to get the most out of it. His film does not want to be really sweltering or sharp. Fortunately, the casting makes up for a lot. Elizabeth Debicki is after Tenet again the emotional heart of the film. And as he previously proved in Golden Palm winner The Square, Claes Bang is well versed in the role of a slightly-too-confident art connoisseur.


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