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Tidy up Christmas stuff? With these 5 tips you will be done in no time

Tips on how to store your Christmas items quickly and smartly

While many housemates are tempted to decorate the Christmas tree, there is often less enthusiasm when the Christmas stuff is allowed back into the shed or attic. Still, it is not as tedious cleaning job as it seems. Certainly not with these tips.

1: O pine tree, how beautiful your branches were

This is one of those typical jobs that you think will cause a lot of mess. Not necessary. Grab an old rug, put it on the floor, and make sure to wrap your Christmas tree from top to trunk. This way you can transport the green monster outside without too many pine needles lying around. Until January 11 you can put it in the bulky containers in many municipalities. If you leave the Christmas tree longer, it is wise to consult your municipality about what to do with your greenery.

If you have a Christmas tree with a root ball, you can give it a place in the garden. And an artificial Christmas tree? You can put it back in the purchase box or you can tie the Christmas tree together with a belt (or two). Saves a lot of space.

2: Knotless Christmas lights

This has to be one of the most annoying things about cleaning up Christmas stuff: putting away the lights. Because how do you ensure that you roll them up in such a way that you can roll them out without any hassle next Christmas? The answer: an old clothes hanger, sturdy piece of cardboard or a large tin. Wrap the lighting around it. Christmas 2021 will be a party to decorate the tree.

3: Keep balls in egg cartons

If you have bought new Christmas baubles, it is always smart to keep the box. Chances are that this basic tip will come too late. In that case you probably have an egg carton at home. An ideal home, garden and kitchen remedy to prevent the balls from rolling or breaking. You can also sort the balls by color or type of Christmas ball.

The balls that are too big for the egg carton are best wrapped in a few layers of paper. A great way to give your newspaper, brochures or used wrapping paper a second life.

4: Find brackets for the baubles

The brackets you use to hang the baubles somehow always seem to be missing a year later. Rather remove the hooks from the balls, put them in an (empty) box and put them with the other Christmas items.

5: Label each Christmas box

Very handy for Christmas 2021: write what is inside on the box and you can get started next Christmas period. Sometimes it can be so easy to make it easier for yourself.


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