Tiger Woods was going faster than normal speed just before accident

US golfer Tiger Woods was driving “faster than normal speed” just before his car hit the road Tuesday morning, Los Angeles district authorities reported in a news conference. He would have tapped the edge of the road and hit a tree. Eventually he went over with his car.

Authorities confirmed that Woods was found by emergency services with serious injuries to his legs. He was trapped and then released and taken to hospital. Police say Woods was conscious and approachable when the emergency services got to him.

There would have been “no evidence” that Woods became unwell or was under the influence just before the accident.

Woods’ business manager previously said the golfer would have suffered multiple injuries to his legs. Woods was currently undergoing surgery. The authorities did not want to make any further statements about his condition at the press conference ordered by Woods management.

The Los Angeles Times newspaper writes on the basis of an insider that Woods suffered a crushed ankle and two fractures, one of which is an open fracture. According to the district sheriff, Woods was “lucky to be alive”.


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