TikTok account of ‘Tom Cruise’ shows how horribly realistic deepfakes have become

Today, deepfakes technology is better than ever. This allows you to place anyone in any situation. And how realistic that can be, the account @deeptomcruise on TikTok proves.

Tom Cruise is in films on TikTok, but actually he has nothing to do with it at all. These are films in which the unknown maker uses deepfake technology to look like the actor. And that technology is terrifyingly realistic.


If you don’t see the name of the account, you might think Tom Cruise can be found on TikTok. The account @deeptomcruise already has three videos with the actor. But this is about someone posing as the actor. We are not talking about a double, but about someone who is very skilled with deepfakes.

In the first video, we see ‘Tom Cruise’ enjoying the sun while talking to the camera. In the second video he goes to the ground and in the third he performs a magic trick. All three videos are just about perfect. For example, there are no glitches when ‘Tom Cruise’ puts his hand in front of his face or makes fast movements.


Deepfake is the name for the technique for combining images based on artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, you can place anyone in any setting and let it move. This technology was first used in 2017 but has improved a lot in recent years.

Deepfakes are useful for adding realistic special effects in movies, for example. But they are also sometimes used for less positive things. They have also been used to process actors and actresses in porn films or to create fake news.

Watch the – for now three – videos from @deeptomcruise:



♬ original sound – Tom

@deeptomcruise ♬ original sound – Tom

I love magic!

♬ original sound – Tom

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