TikTok comes with a warning label for ‘unverifiable’ videos

Bytedance, the Chinese company behind the popular video app, announced this on Wednesday. Such videos are already banned from the ‘For you’ feed to prevent them from spreading quickly.

If a video has been viewed by a fact-checker who cannot judge it, for example because it contains claims about a situation that is still ongoing, TikTok will now place a text on the video. In the text, TikTok points out that it cannot independently confirm the information.

‘Approach works according to test’

The creator of the video will be notified about this. Viewers who wish to share the video with others are also advised that the video may contain falsehoods. Only when they click through from this pop-up can they continue sharing.

According to TikTok, tests show that this approach works. The number of viewers sharing such videos decreased by 24 percent in the test, and the number of likes decreased by 7 percent.

The feature will be rolled out first in the United States and Canada. The rest of the world will follow in the coming weeks.

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