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TikTok Musical Ratatouille Raises $ 1 Million | Entertainment

The online musical was put together in a few months. The idea started with a TikTok song about Remy the rat, the main character in the Disney / Pixar animated film from 2007. The video went viral on the app and more and more creators contributed to the fictional show. For example, more songs, choreography and sets were devised and a fake playbill was even designed.

Fans massively expressed their wish for a real production, and after Disney / Pixar gave its blessing, Seaview Productions, in collaboration with TikTok, set to work on the realization of the online musical. The show even managed to attract a number of Broadway stars to perform the crowdsourced songs. So it was Adam Lambert featured as Remy’s brother Emile and shone Ashley Park as chef Colette on the digital screen.


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