Tiktok overtakes Youtube, Netflix and Tinder in the corona crisis



The Tiktok app and its Chinese subsidiary Douyin are in the fast lane in the Corona crisis. Last month, the app made more money from in-app purchases than platforms like Youtube, Netflix and Tinder, writes the business magazine “Bloomberg” and refers to the numbers of the app analysts from Sensor Tower.

While Tiktok relies primarily on in-app purchases, the app has raised $ 78 million last month – a tenfold increase. This is also due to the fact that Netflix, Youtube and Co. mainly generated their sales with subscriptions, writes “Bloomberg”. The Chinese market is responsible for 86.6 percent of the sales increases, while the US market was only 8.2 percent.

In the first quarter, the video app from the Chinese tech company Bytedance recorded 315 million downloads worldwide, as the figures from Sensor Tower show. In the previous year there were only 187 million in the same period. The app analysts also blame the corona crisis for the growing rush for the app.

“Surprising Corona Crisis Winner”

Social media expert Felix Beilharz sees it the same way. He tells that Tiktok has emerged as the “surprising winner in the Corona crisis.” No other app has seen such a rush of users, says Beilharz.

The consultant for online and social media marketing sees two main reasons for this, which are also responsible for the large sales figures. First, Tiktok is very easy to use and “easy in content”. It’s about “distraction, sprinkling, distraction. It’s colorful, fun, happy and creative. ”That is particularly welcome in the ongoing Corona crisis.

Tiktok is “generally very positive,” said Beilharz. There are no shit storms and little hate and fake news. The network is less political than, say, Twitter or Facebook, which has a much greater reputation for “inciting groups or conspiracy theories spreading there.” Twitter is known for the fact that the Tweets are used for endless discussions about political issues. Even YouTube is “a contact point for conspiracy theorists of all stripes.”

The lack of Tiktok and therefore “then the wallet is looser, which also explains the enormous sales growth with the in-app purchases”. However, Beilharz also admits that the other platforms and apps don’t even offer in-app purchases to the extent that this happens at Tiktok.


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