TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio launch their own podcast

She knows who is on TikTok, the two sisters Charli and Dixie D´Amelio. They are the most famous TikTokkers worldwide and soon they will delve into another medium. Entertainment website The Hollywood Reporter reports that the sisters will start their own podcast about their lives.

Charli, 16, is the most popular user on TikTok with her 57 million followers. Her sister Dixie, 18, also has to compete. She has over 24 million followers on the app. And now the sisters are going to launch a podcast about their lives.


The Amelios started making videos on TikTok less than a year ago, they quickly broke through and both became immensely popular. “We are so happy to share what has happened to us and our family since it all started,” they said in a joint statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “Most of what we share is less than a minute long – usually seconds – so it will actually be fun to be able to talk to our fans and share everything that is going on in our lives. We are happy to be part of the Ramble family. ” In the podcast, Charli and Dixie will talk about topics the sisters are passionate about and give a behind-the-scenes look.


The show will be part of the podcast network Ramble. “Their incredibly infectious, engaging, creative and entertaining personalities will come to life in a new way for their millions of fans on this podcast, and we are ecstatic about the launch of this new platform together,” said head of Ramble Chris Corcoran about Charli and Dixie.

It is not yet known when the podcast will be launched.

Reality show

Last month, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Charli said that her family likes a reality show: “I have the feeling that no one really sees it, but people always talk about how they think our family dynamics are pretty cool . ” Her parents also want to make a reality show. “But we think that if we do it, we will go all out. And as Charli said, let everyone get to know us a little better. So, we are now working on working it out, ”her father Marc D’Amelio also said in the interview.

It is certain that we will hear a lot from the D´Amelio family. It remains to be seen when the projects will actually start.


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