TikTok: US ban is bad for the entire industry

From Sunday, TikTok must have disappeared from the app stores of Google and Apple if there is no deal with which US President Trump agrees.

Vanessa Pappas, top manager at TikTok, writes on Twitter that the ban is bad for the entire social media sector. She calls on Facebook to support TikTok. “Now is a time to put aside our competition and focus on core principles such as freedom of expression and due process.”

100 million US users

In a statement, TikTok said earlier on Friday that it does not agree with the decision of the US authorities. “We are disappointed that new app downloads will be blocked from Sunday and use of the TikTok app will be banned in the United States from Nov. 12,” the statement read.

TikTok also says that its 100 million US users see TikTok as the place to be for entertainment, self-expression and connection. “We are committed to protecting their privacy and security while continuing to try to bring fun and provide creatives with the tools to shine on our platform.”

Concerns about privacy and security

TikTok and parent company ByteDance have long been under fire in the US. According to the Americans, apps like TikTok and WeChat collect too much data about users they share with the Chinese government. As a result, the apps pose a threat to US national security.

ByteDance wants to enter into a partnership with the American Oracle for TikTok, but the question is whether both the American and the Chinese authorities agree.

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