Time capsule: 20-year-old BMW 745i in year-old condition

The BMW 7 Series of the E65 generation did not have it easy. In 2001 he inherited what many fans consider to be the most beautiful 7 Series to date, the E38. Compared to the classically designed predecessor, the fourth generation of the luxury sedan looked like a massive UFO. The design of the E65 is still the subject of controversy today – the first examples have now achieved youngtimer status. A particularly neat 745i from the year 2002 with just 13,988 kilometers is currently being offered on eBay. It is a Japan reimport!

BMW 745i in year-old condition on eBay

The BMW 745i in the exterior color “Oxford Green 2 Metallic” left the factory on March 20, 2002 and has hardly been driven since then, which is why the sedan is practically in the same condition as a year-old car 20 years after it was first registered.

The photos clearly show the excellent optical condition. The paint has no damage and the elegant beige interior looks like new. Photos of the underbody are also included in the advertisement – ​​the positive overall picture is also confirmed here.

BMW 745i E65 year 2002 - eBay

Noble: The color combination “Oxford Green 2 Metallic” with beige leather interior “Nasca” is timelessly chic.

The seller explains that the 7 Series is not only accident-free and repaint-free, but also has a full service history. The last inspection was carried out at BMW in 2021, with all fluids replaced and filters and spark plugs renewed. The BMW is therefore theoretically ready for immediate use.

BMW 745i with 4.4 liter V8

The E65 is the fourth generation of the 7 Series, built between 2001 and 2008. At the beginning of the new millennium, the E65 heralded a new design era at BMW, which was continued by the 5 Series (E60/E61) and 6 Series (E63/E64). However, the design by the then chief designer Chris Bangle was not well received by die-hard BMW fans and is still the subject of controversy today.

In addition to the generally beefy look of the 7 Series, the rear with the boot lid that looked like it was often criticized. Despite good sales figures abroad, the look was defused in spring 2005 with the LCI model. The “bags under your eyes” at the front and the attached trunk lid have been concealed as best as possible.

BMW 745i E65 year 2002 - eBay

Untinkered: On this 7 Series you will look in vain for large replica wheels and four-pipe exhaust. The small license plate recess reveals the reimport.

The engine range of the E65 was befitting for a luxury sedan. At the market launch, there were two eight-cylinder engines with 272 and 333 hp, the 735i and 745i. This was later followed by an in-line six-cylinder in the 730i (231 hp) and the top model 760i with a 445 hp V12 plus the diesel versions.

A long-wheelbase version with a wheelbase that was 14 centimeters longer was also available from spring 2002. With the facelift model, not only the optics but also the range of engines has been revised.

At the end of 2008, the E65 was replaced by the slimmer-looking F01. Opinions are still divided on the fourth generation of the BMW 7 Series, which is also reflected in the low used car prices.

The 7 Series was originally shipped to Japan

But back to the offered BMW 745i, which the seller brought back from Japan. Apart from the low mileage and the flawless original condition, the large BMW attracts with extensive equipment.

The highlights include: electric sunroof, rear blind, electrically adjustable comfort seats with ventilation and heating, rear seat heating, parking aid, rain sensor, xenon light, “Professional” navigation system with TV, EDC, electric tailgate, six-disc CD changer and more.

BMW 745i E65 year 2002 - eBay

As good as new: The bright interior shows no signs of wear and looks like new.

So equipped, the 745i once had a new price of 88,380 euros. 20 years and not even 14,000 kilometers later, it should still cost 22,900 euros. Despite a loss in value of around 75 percent, this E65 is still one of the most expensive, but probably also the best available copies of the series.

Used E65s are available for less than 2000 euros

The price comparison shows: The prices for E65 are on the ground. The cheapest copies are already available for less than 2000 euros. As a rule, however, these can only be used as parts donors or declared for export from the outset. Since the 7 Series was and is often used as a long-distance car, vehicles with low mileage are rare.

BMW 745i in year-old condition on eBay

E65 with less than 100,000 kilometers are hard to find. If they do, then they cost upwards of 10,000 euros; Even fully equipped top models with a verifiable history nowadays only cost more than 30,000 euros in exceptional cases. Against this background, the 745i shown here with a 333 hp V8 could certainly pass as inexpensive. However, it should be noted that the car is currently in Poland.

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