Tinder: ‘Summer of love’ | Financial

This quarter, Match expects sales of $ 680 to 690 million, nearly a quarter more than the same period last year and more than the $ 678 million that analysts expect. The flare-up of the corona virus in countries such as India, Brazil, Japan and some places in Europe can throw a spanner in the works.

In the first quarter, turnover was also higher than expected. For example, Tinder grew by 18% compared to the first months of 2020, which is faster than in the previous quarters. Users of the app ‘swipe’ 15% more potential loves to the left or to the right than before the outbreak of the pandemic, they send 19% more messages than pre-corona, conversations have become almost a third longer.

Dubey is “pleased with the start of 2021” and “expects the momentum to continue for the rest of the year”. Her company does have to be creative in a time when meeting each other online and then physically meeting is far from self-evident. Match did this by handing out 100,000 free corona tests. They were gone in two hours.

The Match stock was almost as popular on Wednesday; investors put it more than 6% higher.


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