Tinkertown will go into Early Access on December 3rd on Steam

As promised, Tinkertown from publisher Headup is going into Early Access on Steam this year. The date for this has now been announced on December 3rd. There is also a new trailer to celebrate, which you can see below.

Tinkertown is a sandbox multiplayer RPG. Either alone or with up to three players you can make a procedurally generated world unsafe. You can expect dark dungeons with different challenges that reward you with lots of loot. You can use this to build your own village or to improve your equipment.

Countless construction plans and recipes provide different design options. However, these must first be found. You roam through different biomes such as mystical forests, vast deserts, ice landscapes and mountains with glowing lava flows, always looking for loot. A dynamic day and night alternation should create a magical atmosphere.

Headup recently caused a stir with two well-known newcomers to the development team. Composer Hiroki Kikuta will contribute the musical component. But only two songs. You know him from Secret of Mana. Giuseppe Longo, better known in the scene as Misbug, takes care of the optics. He has worked on games like Gunbrick Reloaded and The Escapists 2.

Images: Tinkertown, Headup


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