Tips and tools against notebook theft

No laptop theft: With this guide and the appropriate tools, you can protect your notebook from theft.

The notebook is at risk both on vacation – even if this is not so popular at the moment – and on business trips: the notebook and the data on it may be lost. Students in particular are particularly at risk, because students often use laptops or netbooks in lecture halls and libraries.

In order to prevent theft, the laptop tracking expert “Absolute Software” has put together nine tips for students, business travelers and holidaymakers with notebooks (the PC-WELT editors have added a few more tips to this compilation and, above all, suitable free Tools and downloads tips added):


Open eyes:

If the laptop is not secured, it must never be left unattended.


Laptop locks:

Although they can be torn out of the plastic cover and thus not completely rule out theft, they are good for visual deterrence. In addition, forcible removal attracts the attention of people in the vicinity.

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: Transport laptops as inconspicuously as possible – ideally in simple carrier bags or rucksacks. Do not forget, however, that the notebooks should still be adequately protected from bumps and falls.


Secure passwords:

High-quality devices should always be protected with a complex password consisting of a combination of numbers and numbers. The passwords should also be changed regularly.

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Efficient defense:

Virus protection, encryption solutions, firewalls, VPN solutions and anti-spyware protect against unauthorized access and the theft of personal data.

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Consistent backup:

The data stored on a computer is often worth far more than the device itself. Regular backups can considerably reduce the risk of data loss due to theft or a defective system. Suitable backup tools are available free of charge.


Use only legally purchased software:

The use of hacked software and the multiple use of licenses can not only lead to criminal charges, but also significantly increase the susceptibility to viruses, Trojans and other malware. In addition, only download software from reputable download sources such as the download area of ​​PC-WELT.


Check insurance policies:

Some insurance companies cover the cost of stolen computers, even if they were stolen outside of your home. Insured persons who live in student dormitories can also contact their landlord’s insurance company in the event of theft.


Installation of software to track and recover stolen computers:

If a laptop or netbook is stolen, this software can track down stolen mobile computers. The Computrace LoJack for Laptops solution from Absolute Software also offers the option of deleting sensitive data remotely and working with the police to get the computer back.

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