Tips for the LinkedIn Pro: How to stand out from the crowd

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The corona pandemic has completely turned the labor market upside down: According to a report by the International Organization of the United Nations, the number of hours lost worldwide corresponds to around 400 million full-time positions in the second quarter of 2020 alone. So good jobs are sometimes highly competitive. Many job seekers use platforms like LinkedIn to find their next job – but it is difficult to stand out there.

A meaningful LinkedIn profile can help to position yourself optimally on the job market. Rob Cancilla works as a recruiter and career coach. Every week he checks hundreds of profiles on LinkedIn. Janine Chamberlin is the Director of Talent at LinkedIn. The two reveal how you can sharpen your professional brand on the job platform.

Your face should mostly be seen in your picture

Your profile should definitely have a picture. Evaluations show that job seekers’ profiles are viewed 21 times more with a photo than without. The potential employers thus have an idea of ​​whom to invite for an interview. Make sure that your face fills around 60 percent of the photo and wear something in the picture that you would also wear to work, advises job expert Chamberlin.

Write more than your job title in your headline

Think of your profile like a website that is found through keywords. Recruiters and HR professionals also search for specific terms such as job title on LinkedIn. This is already listed under the point Experience in your profile. That’s why you don’t have to mention it again in your headline. Instead, use these as banners for your professional brand, says Chamberlin, explaining what makes you unique.

Rob Cancilla's headline.

Rob Cancilla’s headline.

Rob Cancilla

A little tip: If you update your headline in the LinkedIn app, you have twice as many characters available as on the desktop. “One of the bizarre features of the job platform,” says Cancilla.

The cover picture is your personal billboard

The cover picture also gives you a good opportunity to present yourself. However, it is neglected by users. This is a mistake. You can search for suitable images on Google under the keyword “LinkedIn cover photos”. Websites like let you personalize your cover photo with a slogan, quote, or logo. This allows you to stand out from other profiles with boring, meaningless background photos.

Use the new functions

One of the newer features on LinkedIn is the “In Focus” tab. This was introduced in February – and was overlooked by many in the chaos of 2020.

This function enables you to present different media, content and examples of your work in a separate area within your profile. If you are currently actively looking for work, it is helpful to upload your CV, work samples or certificates there.

Let recruiters know that you are open to new positions

Because of the corona pandemic, LinkedIn has developed a frame for the profile photo to show that you are open to a new position. The photo frame ensures that your profile is found more easily in search queries by HR managers. You can also signal to your network that you are looking for a job without having to use other valuable areas of your profile.

Show what you can do

Show your skills on your profile. You have your own tab available for this. Those who list more than five skills are searched 27 times more often by HR professionals, says Chamberlin. Potential employers get a sense of the skills an applicant has and can therefore select in advance who is suitable for a position.

Stay up to date

Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. Treat it like your résumé. Would you include an outdated one in your application? Updates keep your network informed about you. You can also provide information about your specialist knowledge.

Regularly share your findings, articles or events that you find interesting. “You never know where the next job opportunity might come from,” says Chamberlin.

The text was translated from English by Franziska Telser. You can find the original here.


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