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Winter tires are a must, in many European countries there is a situational winter tire requirement – also for holidaymakers. Where winter tires are not compulsory, fines can be expected if tires that are not suitable for the weather lead to disabilities. Therefore, it is better to put on winter tires! Pay attention to the snowflake symbol. Then also check the air pressure in the tires.

The right profile

The profile should have a minimum depth of four millimeters, this is necessary for optimal grip. Check that the profile is intact.

What to watch out for with snow chains

Snow chains are often essential in mountainous, snowy or icy regions. Also make sure that it is the right size and that it fits the vehicle type. In Austria, for example, snow chains must also comply with the specific Austrian standard. It is advisable to drive at a maximum speed of 50 km / h for the subsequent journey.

Check battery

The lower the temperatures, the higher the power consumption of the car. If the battery is too weak, the car will not be able to start because the starting speed has not been reached. Before you go on holiday, you should therefore check the battery strength to avoid winter breakdowns.

Top up coolant and antifreeze

To prevent freezing when the temperature is below zero, it makes sense to choose a frost-proof coolant. The washer fluid for the windshield wiper system should also contain antifreeze. Here you can use a ready-made mixture of washing water and antifreeze or add a frost-proof additive.

Check engine oil, wiper blades, and lights

Before starting your journey, you should also check the engine oil level and top up if necessary. Replace worn wiper blades to keep the car windows clean. Check the setting of the headlights and the lighting in general.

Pack winter accessories

Some important items in winter accessories are, for example, gloves, warm blankets, flashlights, egg scrapers and hand brushes. A cover film for the windshield that prevents the formation of ice. A door lock de-icer is also very useful to have ready in your pocket if the car does not have a radio central locking system, and a jump start cable can also be very helpful in the event of a breakdown.

Stow luggage properly

When packing your car, be sure to pack heavy items down and secure light items from sliding around. In addition, everything should be distributed as evenly as possible in the car. If you use ski racks or roof boxes, you should make sure that they fit the vehicle type before buying. The following applies to loading: Avoid empty spaces and adhere to the specified maximum weight.

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