Tips: How to make your car fit for the winter

If the weather forecast predicts cold, snow and ice, the car should always be prepared for it. AUTO BILD explains what drivers should pay particular attention to in the cold months.

1. Vehicle lighting

The headlights should not only work, they should also be properly adjusted. If the lights are set incorrectly, either the road is not properly illuminated or the oncoming traffic is dazzled – both of which are dangerous. You should also do this before every trip check that the headlights are clean. Splash water, snow and mud in particular quickly get dirty, causing their luminosity to decrease.

2. tires

In cold temperatures, the right tires are essential. In concrete terms, that means that Car must have winter tires or winter-ready all-season tires. They can be recognized by the Alpine symbol. Older tires still have the M + S marking, but they can still be driven until September 30, 2024. If you are caught with the wrong tires in winter road conditions, you have to go with them at least 60 euros fine and one point in Flensburg calculate.
All-wheel drive winter tire test dryness
Mountain with a snowflake: The Alpine symbol indicates tires that are suitable for winter use.

3. Brakes

Perfectly functioning brakes are particularly important on slippery roads and snow. Therefore, they should be checked once before winter. The perfect occasion for this is to change tires. It is easy to check whether the brake discs and pads are still OK. Slight rust on the panes usually slows down. the Otherwise slices should be smooth. If grooves or grooves can be seen, the coverings must be renewed. The brake fluid level should also be checked. at Too little brake fluid you should visit a workshop, this is a sign that the brake pads are worn out or there may be a leak. Read more about how to recognize worn brakes here

4. Antifreeze

If there is not enough frost protection in the cooling water and it freezes, the entire cooling system can be destroyed. In the worst case, there is even a risk of engine damage. Therefore, the cooling water should be checked before the first frost. It’s easy to do with one Cooling water spindle from the automotive accessories. When measuring, it should at least minus 20 degrees otherwise frost protection must be added. Important: If you determine when checking the cooling water that the level is clearly too low, you should visit a workshop. The cooling water circuit is closed. While small amounts can be lost through evaporation over time, a larger amount may be damaged.

5. Washer fluid

Of course, frost protection must also be used with the washer fluid. Otherwise the lines will freeze over and, in the worst case, even be damaged. So you should absolutely change the mop water before the onset of winter and replace it with a winter windscreen cleaner. The easiest to use are ready-made mixes – they are simply poured into the tank. Concentrates need to be diluted. Make sure to use the right ratio, otherwise the cleaning performance will suffer. It is better to refrain from home remedies such as alcohol, it leaves streaks and worsens vision

6. Car battery

If the cold takes a toll on a battery that is already battered, the car won’t start again. That is why it is best to think about caring for your car battery as early as autumn. With a Battery tester allows you to check the voltage. If it is 12.6 volts or lower, the car battery has already hit and should be connected to a charger as soon as possible. Especially when you frequently drive short distances, the battery should be charged regularly to prevent total failure. Further care tips for the car battery can be found here.
AEG charger can often save deeply discharged batteries

Batteries that are plagued by short distances in particular should be cared for with a charger.

7. Seals

So that the door rubbers and seals do not become porous, they should be treated with care products shortly before the onset of winter at the latest. Are particularly good Products with deer tallow. They keep the rubbers supple. Plus: If you grease door rubbers with it, the doors won’t freeze. As a rule, they can then be easily opened even in frosty weather.

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