Tire Cologne 2022: tyres, prices, tickets

From May 24th to 26th, 2022, Messe Köln will finally open its doors again for Tire Cologne after a four-year break. The trade fair of the Federal Association of Tire Retailers and Vulcanisers normally takes place every two years, but the 2020 event had to be canceled due to the pandemic.

Sustainability is a big topic

In halls six, seven and eight of the exhibition center on the Rhine, new products from the tire and wheel sectors as well as equipment for motor vehicle and tire workshops will be presented.

Sustainability is a big topic: Energy-saving tyres, tire retreading and the recycling of used tires are gaining in importance at the trade fair.

The areas of energy-saving tyres, tire retreading and old tire recycling and disposal have gained in importance – the topic of sustainability has also arrived in the tire industry.

Climate neutrality, careful use of resources, environmentally friendly materials, production and recycling as well as longer durability are requirements that are increasingly shaping the future of mobility and the tire business.

In addition to tire innovations and developments, solutions for mounting the “black gold” will also be shown.

The fair takes this fact into account with the so-called “Boulevard of Sustainability”. On the central connection between the exhibition halls, which experience has shown to be heavily frequented, everything will revolve around the sustainable life cycle of tires this year.

Workshop solutions are also presented

In addition, it deals with the classic topics of tire trading with the major challenges of online trading, all-weather tires, competition with car dealers and independent workshops.
With the three-day trade fair, Tire Cologne wants to give a broad overview of the global market and illuminate all relevant areas from tires and rims to workshop solutions and recycling (Hall 7). There will be a large “Tire Recycling Forum” in Hall 6 on May 25th, moderated by Ewan Scott, Editor of Tire & Rubber Recycling.
The trade fair is only open to trade visitors, the day pass costs 39 euros, the two-day ticket 54 euros and the three-day ticket 86 euros. Further information and tickets are available via the Tire Cologne app.

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