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to a garden center, where he found love

Fred van Leer’s life has never been boring, but in recent weeks he has really gotten into a rollercoaster of emotions, although he prefers to walk through the fairytale forest. Yesterday he went out for the first time.

Not to the appie or to a city park. No, Fred van Leer went to a garden center yesterday. That told the stylist today Qmusic, in the program of Mattie and Marieke. It was the first time he had gone out since his hospitalization, almost two weeks ago.

Nice couple garden center

“It was very emotional, I was afraid of the reactions,” says Van Leer, whose balls have been on sale this week.

But no proverbial dagger thrusts or gall that goes to Mr. Rukoe Rukoe was spit. On the contrary, he only felt love there. “I walked in and a nice couple, about thirty years old, comes up to me and they say ‘Fred, you are doing very well!’ I get so much support and love from the people in the country and I am drowning there. I almost got in. That is so fantastic. And the people who don’t like me don’t care. They don’t affect me. ”

The stylist only experiences support. “People who offered me to fly to a house on a private jet and stay there for six months in the shelter. I think that is very sweet, but I have to keep going because I am a fighter. It is very unpleasant what happened to me and sad, but I have to keep going. ”


#TeamFred has been trending several times on social media recently. Many hearts under Fred’s belt and other expressions of support were shared.

Fred went back to work on Wednesday. “Shoulders straight. Lips pursed and the rest proudly up and go ”, he wrote in his post. He previously confessed to harming himself after a sex video was leaked. He was then in hospital for two days. He faces life again with a smile and that seems vice versa. On Instagram he posts a variety of typical Fred van Leer photos and videos. Fred is back and shines at least as hard as his aforementioned balls. Fortunately.

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Van Leer’s first time outside since hospital: to a garden center, where he found love


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