To secondary vocational education? With these studies you earn the most

This is apparent from the Keuzegids 2022 for MBO. It comes out every year around this time, to help students who want to study next year make their choice of study.

Wide field of work

Several factors play a role in this choice. How much will you earn? And can you start working immediately after your training, or does it pay to continue studying? The Keuzegids provides answers to these questions, as well as information about the quality of education.

One thing is certain: the field in which you can earn the most with an MBO education is process engineering. In other words, converting raw materials into an end product (the process). Almost everything around us is made that way, think of soft drinks and telephones, but also gasoline and cheese. The field of work is therefore very broad.

High earners in vocational education

The Keuzegids studied the salaries of MBO students who have completed a so-called vocational training pathway (BOL). After a year and a half, the salary of employees in process engineering is highest.

These salaries are also higher in the transport and nursing sectors. The staff shortage in the care sector and the lack of truck drivers play a role in this.

Occupational groups that are at the lower end of the spectrum include chefs, hairdressers and beauticians and animal caretakers. Although they earn more than the minimum wage for, say, 18-year-olds, they sometimes earn less than the minimum wage for adults (21 and older).

Low starting salaries are not only related to occupations in sectors where there is little money to be made. It also concerns professions that often involve part-time work, such as nail technicians and clothing store employees.

Working or learning?

In some MBO sectors it is financially a good idea to continue studying, for example from level 2 to level 3. After level 4 you can also continue to a higher professional education programme. This pays off if you study law, communication or sales, says the Keuzegids.

Further learning is often a good idea in administrative professions and communication positions. However, that is not always necessary. There are also many sectors that want to have practically trained MBO students who can start work straight away. For example, think of transport and shipping.

More MBO students in care

In the past academic year, the influx of MBO students rose most sharply in programs in care and welfare. The strongest climbers were social care, social work and pedagogical work.

Presumably, the current crop of students pays more attention than previous generations to assisting people in the psychological and social field, thinks the Keuzegids. “It is encouraging that, despite the pressure on health care, prospective students are not shying away from a career in this field.”

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