To the uni? Your salary is the highest for these studies

With the limited opening hours for the catering industry, student life may be slightly less attractive than before the corona crisis, but it does not hurt for graduating students to already orientate themselves on a study, according to the makers of the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2022.

Because the registration period for the new academic year does not close until the end of April, for some studies you have to draw lots. And for those numerus fixus studies, the registration period closes in mid-January. This is important, for example, for those who want to study dentistry, because you have to draw lots for that course.

Cashing in with medicine

This is the case with more studies, because the number of registrations exceeds the number of study places every year. In dentistry, this is most likely not only related to the preference for filling cavities and removing plaque.

Just like last year, the study again tops the list of ‘highest monthly salary’, well above medicine. An average dentist, who often works as a self-employed person, earns almost 5,500 euros per month, gross.

When making a choice of study, it is of course not only about what you will earn later, because job satisfaction is just as important for many people. Or perhaps more importantly.

Love for the profession

This certainly applies to those who are interested in archaeology, cultural anthropology or linguistics. These studies dangle at the bottom when it comes to the average monthly salary of graduates.

Graduating candidates who consider the chance of a job important should also avoid the arts and sciences, according to the top ten of studies of which most recent graduates have a job of at least twelve hours a week.

Labor market begs for math miracles

Just like in the list of highest salaries, this top ten is also dominated by studies for which you have to be able to calculate well. 98 percent of all graduate engineers and civil-law notaries have a job almost immediately after graduation.

You don’t stand a chance at all if you do a language study, report the makers of the Keuzegids. Because of the shortages in education, a study in German culture and language can give you a job in education.

Difficult career start

And vice versa, a science degree is by no means always a guarantee of quickly finding a job. Pharmacy, for example, is also in the top ten of studies where a relatively large number of graduates do not immediately find a job. Nearly a quarter of the political science students have difficulty finding work after graduation, the survey shows.

For the next five years, the makers of the Keuzegids expect that job opportunities for studies in the technical field (electrical and mechanical engineering) offer the best job prospects.

Those who would like to study law or psychology, social and social sciences should hope that the labor market will have changed considerably in 2026. These studies score very poorly when it comes to job opportunities.

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