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The full version on April 12, 2022: ASCOMP Passta Professional Edition

Ascomp Passta remembers all kinds of passwords and access data for you. To open the database, all you need is a master password, which you set up the first time you start. You can divide the passwords themselves into intuitive groups such as “access data” or “license key”.

Here you can download the full version of the day

How to start:

At the beginning of the installation, you must register with the manufacturer under “Step 1:” using the button of the same name. Fill out the form with your name, e-mail address and country of residence and click on “Send”. If you do not yet have an ASCOMP account, you will receive an email with a link that will take you directly to your (new) customer menu on the ASCOMP website. In addition to your customer number, you will also find the download link “Download full version” for the software here. You will then receive the access data for your customer account by email. If you already have an ASCOMP customer account, the email will contain a link to it and you can use it to download the software once you have registered.

Alternatively, you can also enter your customer number from the e-mail in the window from the beginning of “Step 3:” and click on “Download full version”. Caution: If this does not work, a virus scanner or your firewall may be the cause. If you do not receive any email (not even in the spam folder), please use a different email address for registration.

Once you have downloaded the software, start the installer and click “Next”. Accept the license agreement, click on “Next” several times, on “Install” and finally on “Finish”. When you start the software for the first time, you will be prompted to create a Passta user account. The program is now ready to use.


If the screen is gray after clicking on the link and the info window for the full version does not open, it could be because the “Protection from activity tracking” function has been switched to “Always” in the settings in Firefox. To fix the problem, click the “Shield” icon in the address bar and then click the “Disable protection for this site” button. Alternatively, open the Firefox settings, switch to the “Privacy & Security” area. Under “Protection from tracking activities” you can now add the website of to the exception list via “Exceptions” or alternatively select “Only activate in private windows”, which means that this function is only active in private surfing mode.

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