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Tom Hanks: “Cinemas will definitely survive” | Entertainment

That people can also simply watch films at home via streaming services and perhaps go to the cinema less, is according to Hanks not surprising because “a big change was already coming”. Yet that does not immediately lead to the end of cinemas, he believes. “Will cinemas continue to exist? Absolutely. I think that the operators – if they are allowed to reopen – will be given the freedom to choose films that they want to play. ”

The actor thinks big, spectacular movies like the superhero movies of Marvel will always open in the cinema. “Big, spectacular films continue to dominate cinemas. You want to watch movies like that on the big screen, because seeing them at home on the couch might detract from the visual spectacle. ”

The change Hanks spoke of earlier came in like a “slow train”, spurred by the corona pandemic. “I think there will be an awful lot of movies that can only be streamed, and that’s fine. Because then they can really be made for a good widescreen television in people’s homes. ”


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