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Tom Hanks’ new movie ‘Greyhound’ skips premiere and goes straight to Apple TV +

Tom Hanks will be seen soon in Greyhound, a movie he wrote himself. The premiere of the print was first planned last March, but was then postponed to May and even June. And now Sony has decided to just skip that premiere. Greyhound will premiere online on Apple TV + soon.

Due to the corona crisis, the release of one film after another is postponed. And that is also the case Greyhound has been the case. The latest film by and with world star Tom Hanks should normally have been released in March, but was postponed to May, and then even to June.

To Apple TV +

And now there is none at all theatrical release Lake. Because the cinemas are still closed and nobody knows when they will be allowed to open their doors again. Sony then agreed to a proposal from Apple.

Apple bought Greyhound reportedly for about $ 70 million, or just under 64 million euros, and the print may broadcast exclusively on its streaming platform Apple TV +. When fans will be able to view the print exactly, Apple has not yet announced.

Rachel and Elle Woods

This was evident even before the corona crisis Greyhound not exactly going to be a blockbuster. Still, it’s not a bad title for Apple TV + at all. The streaming service has struggled with its competition with Disney + and Netflix since its release in November.

For the time being, they failed to lure big movies at Apple. It is also thin in terms of series, even though the streaming service has been able to attract big stars. Friendsactress Jennifer Aniston, for example, plays the lead role The Morning Show. She is assisted by Elle Woods herself Reese Witherspoon.

Passion project

Greyhound is based on the book The Good Shepherd from C.S. Forester. Tom Hanks started writing with a budget of about 50 million dollars (a good 45 million euros). The actor is a huge World War II fanatic, and a movie like Greyhound is therefore a passion project for him.

The film follows Commander Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) of the United States Navy, who is leaving on his first war mission. He is part of a fleet that is to protect a convoy of commercial vessels under attack from submarines. That attack occurred in early 1942, when the United States had only been officially involved in World War II for a few months.


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