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Tompouce enthusiasts pay attention: Hema comes with Tompouce beer

“ You thought it was an April 1 joke? ” Reads the box of the package that was posted this afternoon. Subway-editorial came in. Hema and brewer Lowlander announced ‘Tompouce beer’ a month ago. April 1, many thought. Not so.

First Hema gets attention for the joke, now again because it really turns out to be true. Because yes, you read that right: Hema comes with special Tompouce beer. The department store has teamed up with beer brewer Lowlander for this. Subway already tasted it.

Hema and Lowlander launch Tompouce beer

When you think of that pink typical Hema pastry, you think of sweet. But that’s not how the drink tastes. It has a fresh, creamy taste, but otherwise it is mainly the beer taste that predominates. So you have to come up with the tompouce yourself. But that might be better.

The beer, “a milkshake-style blond beer” as Hema calls it, is brewed with vanilla and raspberry. “A summery taste sensation.” The can certainly contributes to this: the drink is packaged in a cheerful, (of course) pink can.

Tompouce beer, Hema

‘Perfect recipe’

It took a lot of effort to find the “perfect recipe,” says David Cooke, Food Director at Hema. It has become a drink with “sweet, vanilla and creamy notes from our famous tompouce. This is combined with a milkshake-style blond beer. ”

The Amsterdam brewery Lowlander has in turn added herbs, spices and fruit to the brewing process. “The raspberry gives the beer a subtle sweetness and a hint of fresh fruit. The vanilla again contributes nicely to the soft, creamy aftertaste ”, according to the attached press release. “The perfect way to enjoy a cream pie without getting your fingers dirty.”

Limited edition Tompouce Ale

The ‘limited edition’ drink can be found on the Hema shelves from tomorrow. Price: 2.50 euros. According to the department store, you have to be there quickly because of the limited edition. “Especially if you also want to keep it cold on King’s Day.”

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Tompouce enthusiasts pay attention: Hema comes with Tompouce beer


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