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Tony Junior is The Bachelor and he is ready for his ‘true love’ –

After Bachelorette Gaby Blaaser who ultimately did not find her great love, it is now the turn of DJ Tony Junior slash The Bachelor. He yearns for that one great love and can’t wait to meet the single ladies. By the way, they still have to be found, so maybe something for you or your daughter / sister / colleague / colleague? It’s nice if she is a bit social media minded, Tony thinks.

The program ‘De Bachelor’ returns to Videoland and this season Tony Claessens (31) opens his heart to love. After a turbulent love life with, among others, Maan as one of his exes, Tony Junior knows exactly what he is looking for in a partner and is ready for the next step: opening up to love in one of the biggest international dating shows of the moment.

Dream location

At a dream location abroad, he is going to meet a group of single women and hopes to find the love of his life. This season, too, the most romantic and exciting dates take place in the search for true love. The iconic rose ceremony should not be forgotten either. With presenter Rick Brandsteder by his side, Tony decides every week who receives a rose and for whom the romantic adventure unfortunately ends. With whom does he live happily ever after?

“The Bachelor is one big adventure for me. It would be great if I meet true love, someone with whom I can live to be a hundred, ”hopes Tony, who has Wild Child on his hands in eternal ink.

He has certainly lived a wild life, he agrees. “My love life is often neglected because of my crazy work. I travel a lot, spend a lot of time on things like studio work, label and management meetings and of course my socials. ”

Tony is ready

It would therefore very much like to find a partner who can deal with this, so that they can “support each other in everything we do”, the sneaker fan muses. And the DJ is looking forward to it. “I can’t wait to meet the ladies during the filming and embark on this romantic adventure with them. I am ready to find my true love in The Bachelor. ”

Something for you?

Witnessing all the hearts, roses, heart eyes and good luck wishes on social media and all the women who are tagged in his message by girlfriends / sisters / mothers / et cetera (“this is really something for you! is ‘only’ place for eighteen single women.

Together with them, De Bachelor leaves for a dream location abroad, to fully embark on the great love affair of his life. The location will be announced at a later date.

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Tony Junior is The Bachelor and he’s all set for his ‘true love’


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