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Tony’s Chocolonely removed from Slave-Free Chocolate list

The Dutch chocolate producer Tony’s Chocolonely is no longer ‘slave free’. At least, that’s what the American organization Slave Free Chocolate has compiled a list of companies that make slave-free chocolate. Tony’s, who is fighting for a slave-free bar, has now been removed.

That reports RTL News. According to Slave Free Chocolate, Tony’s is no longer slave-free, because the manufacturer works with Barry Callebaut, a multinational company that recognizes that it does use cocoa derived from child labor. This would mainly take place in Ivory Coast and Ghana.

Slave-free chocolate

Tony’s was founded in 2005 with the aim of making 100 percent slave-free chocolate. Earlier, however, it turned out that this was virtually impossible, because the cocoa industry did not really want to cooperate. Hence, their slogan ‘100 percent slave free’ was changed to ‘on the way to 100 percent slave free’, which can still be read on the wrappers.

Tony’s Chocolonely does this by purchasing from farmers where it can be checked how the cocoa is produced. In the processing process, however, the chocolate giant uses the Barry Callebaut production line. According to Slave Free Chocolate, this ensures that Tony’s saves money and can therefore offer their relatively expensive chocolate cheaper.

Tony’s Chocolonely wants change

It is reason for Slave Free Chocolate to label Tony’s Chocolonely as ‘no longer slave free’ and to remove it from the list. According to Tony’s Topman Henk Jan Beltman, the collaboration with Barry Callebaut is part of their mission to make slave-free bars. “We want to encourage the big boys in the cocoa industry to change. We inspire by working with them. We are seen as a ‘best practice’ and thus an example for Barry Callebaut how to make their other brands work. ”

Beltman therefore regrets that their collaboration with Barry Callebaut has cost them their place on the Slave Free Chocolate list. “It is straightforward to get us off that list now.” In the meantime, Tony’s Chocolonely is busy building its own chocolate factory, but nevertheless it does not intend to terminate its collaboration with Barry Callebaut.

Mission on a global scale

Tony’s has now also published a statement on its own website. “Many think that buying cocoa from Ghana and Ivory automatically means illegal child labor and slavery in your value chain. For that reason, we have consciously chosen this more difficult route, so that we can help tackle the problems here. That is why we are active where the problems are greatest. For example, the author of the Slave-Free Chocolate List believes that our collaboration with Barry Callebaut is in conflict with our mission to make all chocolate 100% slave-free, while we are working with Barry Callebaut to make this mission possible on a global scale. ” Nor, according to Tony’s, it yields any extra profit.

Tony’s Chocolonely opens chocolate bar in the heart of Amsterdam

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