‘Too fat’ Sylvia from MAFS finally feels beautiful again in a wedding dress

For Sylvia it will soon be extra exciting to walk to the altar and say yes to Freddy. She hasn’t always felt beautiful. Sylvia has been insecure about herself since childhood. “I was already strong as a child. My father called me Bolletje egg biscuit, and yes … That’s a scar for life.”

Romy, Sylvia’s daughter, gives her mother a chic dress to embark on the love experiment with confidence. “She has had a difficult time. She has lost a lot of weight and there are many insecurities. How beautiful is it that you can feel so beautiful in a dress?”

Due to medication for her asthma, Sylvia has had a period when she was a lot heavier. When she was eligible for a stomach reduction for medical reasons, the pounds flown off. “I am so happy that the drugs have been phased out. I should have done this much earlier.”

Sylvia is now 40 kilos lighter than before and tears spring to her eyes when she sees herself in that beautiful dress in front of the mirror. “This is really beautiful. I think it suits me completely. (…) May I experience this again.”

It remains to be seen whether the marriage between Sylvia and Freddy goes just as smoothly as with former candidates Patty and Bram. They are still happily married, as you can see in the video below.

Married at First Sight can be seen every Monday and Tuesday at 8.30 pm on RTL 4. Or watch the episodes ahead via Videoland.


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