Too hot: a sunshade cools the Telekom junction box

On hot summer days, the DSL line keeps dropping out. The annoyed residents resorted to self-help and set up a parasol over the Deutsche Telekom distribution box. Telkom says so.

In Liederbach, a community to the west of Frankfurt am Main, a telecommunications posse has taken place: Because Telekom was unable to cool a junction box sufficiently, the residents who were cut off from the Internet quickly set up a parasol.

Local residents find out the reason for themselves

According to, the DSL connection of some residents in Liederbach kept failing. This problem first appeared in May 2022 and then kept coming back. Finally, one of the residents happened to notice that there was always a loud hum in the distribution box on the street when the daytime temperatures rose to typical summer values. With high outside temperatures and direct sunlight on the junction box, however, the DSL connection also failed from time to time. An affected person did the test and parked his van in front of the junction box to protect it from the sun’s rays – the internet connection was working again after a few minutes.

The cooling in the junction box was obviously not sufficient. Around 400 people were affected, who even shared information in a Facebook group. Only in the evening, when the temperatures dropped again because the sun was lower in the sky and the temperatures in the junction box were dropping, did the internet come back.

Parasol cools

Opening a parasol over the junction box also successfully cooled it. So the problem was identified, from outside temperatures of around 30 degrees, the junction box could no longer be sufficiently cooled and therefore switched itself off. But the solution by Deutsche Telekom as the operator of the distribution box still took a while.

Because Telekom did not initially react, as the affected resident Petra Rüdiger told Telekom only sent a technician when the tabloid newspaper got involved. He installed air heat exchangers and rebuilt the roof to improve air circulation.

Telkom says so

When we asked, Telekom explained: “The distribution box mentioned is fully functional and the customer connections are online. The structure inside the distribution box corresponds to the climate concept.” And further: “The colleagues from the technical department improved the air circulation on site by changing the arrangement of the assemblies within the multifunctional housing. In addition, they installed another fan and put it into operation.”

On the other hand, Telekom is only very vague about the reason for the failure: “Excessive heat development, such as high solar radiation, can lead to technical malfunctions. Everyone probably knows this from their own environment.

In a distribution box, it can lead to impaired functionality.”

After all, the question is: Why didn’t Telekom cool the distribution box sufficiently from the start? Were additional components subsequently installed that overwhelmed the existing cooling concept?

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