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‘Toothbrush can contain more bacteria than a toilet seat’

Something you will probably do twice a day is brush your teeth. You put something in your mouth for a few minutes that, according to research, may be more dirty than the toilet seat.

Professor Dominique Declerck, who is also a dentist, contradicts this The last news. She does make a side note, saying that it depends on the circumstances whether your toothbrush is really filthier than your toilet.

Toilet seat cleaner than toothbrush

“A toilet seat is a smooth surface that is regularly cleaned with detergent,” says Declerck. “Then it is all in all not too bad with the number of germs that you find there. An old toothbrush that you have just used and barely rinses will contain a lot of micro-organisms. ”

A real breeding ground for bacteria

It is well known that bacteria also exist in the human body. So how harmful are those on our toothbrushes really? It turns out that these are not very harmful to us, but you have to prevent your toothbrush from becoming a real breeding ground.

According to the professor, you do this by: “Good brush hygiene, that’s a must. Always use toothpaste, which acts like a soap and helps to control the bacteria on the toothbrush. Rinse well after each brushing so that no residue remains between the bristles of the brush. And store the brush with the cup upwards in a cup, glass or container, so that it can dry properly. ”

Toothbrush needs replacement

Of course it is important that you replace your toothbrush regularly. About every three months. The dentist explains that the more you use your toothbrush, the sooner it will need to be replaced.

“It depends on how much force you put on your toothbrush. The longer and brighter you use it, the more damage and tiny cracks will appear in the bristles of your brush. These are the ideal hiding places for micro-organisms. ”

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“Toothbrush can contain more bacteria than a toilet seat”


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