Top Easyjet on the seesaw | National People’s Congress kicks off | And Kadaster demands too much money

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A colossal administrative crisis is imminent at Easyjet. Shareholders can vote four directors today, including the CEO and the CFO. The motion was tabled by founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who owns a third of the shares. He disagrees with the multi-billion dollar purchase of 107 Airbus aircraft.

For years, Kadaster has sent citizens and companies a higher bill than was necessary. That did the service to finance other matters, but that is against government budgetary rules. Very strange, concludes the Court of Audit.

It will be a great day for China watchers. The Chinese parliament is starting its annual session to vote on new policies. Congress is focused on stimulus measures for the Chinese economy, which is slowly recovering from the thunderous blow delivered by the corona virus.

Poah! That’s my brand. Even the legendary tractor builder John Deere is going through difficult times. As of this year, the company lost about 20 percent of its stock market value, while the S&P 500 lost less than 10 percent. The turning point may come today, as Deere & Company presents quarterly results.

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This piece was most shared during Ascension Day:
The Chinese company Huawei is not trusted, but can still participate in 5G. Columnist Roderick Veelo asks The Hague to have the courage to put an end to that participation.

We think you should watch this too:
Is it safe to fly safely in times of corona? Europe has drawn up a series of directives to make flying safer. The choice is yours.

And you may have missed this during the dew stairs:
The Ministry of Infrastructure has spent 26 million for express cycle paths rather clumsy, according to the Court of Auditors. The bike path to hell is also paved with good intentions, shall we say.

This may come along to the digital coffee machine:

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p.s. Rutte’s level-headed attitude in Europe is desperately needed. But he has to look beyond costs, benefits and conditions for solidarity, writes René Cuperus.

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