Top people from game studio Ubisoft on the street after allegations of misconduct

The company announced this in a press release. Serge Hascoët, Yannis Mallat and Cécile Hornet have all resigned from CEO Yves Guillemot.

As CEO, Hascoët was responsible for the development process of all games within Ubisoft. According to insiders, he forced staff to drink until they got sick. Who did not participate “was according to the manager a gay”.

“Sex until she understands”

He also suggested that his teammates should have sex with a female colleague “until she understood the purpose.” He blocked the elevator door for a woman several times so she couldn’t go out.

Guillemot will temporarily assume the responsibilities of Hascoët and completely change the work process. According to Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, it was long thought that Hascoët could never be fired because he had close ties to the CEO.

Canada and HR

Mallat was the boss of Ubisoft’s Canadian studio. He was personally charged with misconduct several times, making his position within the company unsustainable. Cornet, in turn, was responsible for Ubisoft’s HR department during times of systematic misconduct.

Ubisoft is said to be hiring a company to overhaul the HR process and internal policies to avoid further misconduct within the company walls.


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