Top tools for hobbyists and clever people to download

Do you want to make a Lego stop motion film, build the perfect website or do some genealogical research? Then you will definitely find the right tool in our download gallery.

Do you want to make a stop-motion film – for example with Lego figures? With the Monkey Jam program, you become the director of your own stop-motion film. In principle, you simply line up picture after picture and can add music or comments (dialogue lines) to the film.

You receive the individual images from your digital camera – each individual image needs to be arranged and then photographed. If necessary, you can still edit the images and thus create special effects in your film, for example.

If you want to use Lego figures for your project (there are prominent implementations of this idea on YouTube), the Lego Digital Designer is extremely helpful. You can use it to test the feasibility of the desired models in advance and even determine the price for the building blocks that you need in total. Of course, you can also create stop-motion films with other motifs – for example from nature or ones you have drawn yourself.

With the tools from our download gallery, you can also do a little genealogical research or brush up on old PHP knowledge (or build up new knowledge). There are many professional tools in the gallery – such as CAD programs – but almost all programs can be operated without expert knowledge. And best of all, they are all free and legal to download.

Is an important program missing from our list? Let us know!

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