Top tools for online banking to download

Virtual, waterproof protective wall or practical finance helper – these free top tools make online banking safer and more efficient.

More and more customers are making use of the banking business from home. In addition to the positive aspects such as the independence of opening times and the time saved by not having to visit the nearest branch in person, online banking unfortunately also harbors certain risks. Criminals and fraudsters use security gaps and in this way make it easier for the user to lose his savings.

With new methods of identification in online banking, such as the mTAN and chipTAN, online banking is a good deal more secure. However, the best security precautions taken by the operator are powerless if the user does not observe measures for online security on their own computer. Conversely, this means that the dangers of online banking can be minimized with a system that is optimized for security. With the following programs you can create a safe working environment and are well prepared against the dangers associated with online banking.


You should optimize your virus protection so that you do not fall victim to hacking attacks. Further security tools can be found in our download area.

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