Tori Spelling commemorates Dustin Diamond’s first ‘TV boyfriend’

Spelling could be seen from season two as Violet Bickerstaff, a nerdy study globe who got Screech’s heart racing. She ended up playing for several episodes before she started her role as Donna Martin on the hit series Beverly Hills 90210.

My first television boyfriend Dustin Diamond took wings today and has become an angel. Before Donna and David dated Beverly Hills 90210 there were, you had Screech and Violet. He gave me my first movie kiss. In addition, he gave me a very warm welcome on the set of Saved By The Bell, a place that was, of course, quite intimidating for a 14-year-old girl at the time. Dustin always made sure everything was okay, he really was a gentleman. Incredibly nice, smart and funny, ”said Tori.

She continues: “It was great to shoot scenes with him, he was a good guy. Unfortunately we didn’t really get in touch after the show, except we ran into each other at events every now and then. I’m happy that he is now released from his suffering. To me he is an icon both personally and professionally. Goodbye dear Samuel, lots of love from Violet. “

A few weeks ago it became known that Diamond was undergoing treatment for stage 4 lung cancer. He had already undergone his first course of chemotherapy, but his health deteriorated rapidly in the past week.


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