“Total failure”: right-wing extremist Proud Boys reckon with Trump

After the lost election in November, the far-right nationalists shouted: “Heil Imperator Trump!” Members of the Proud Boys wrote in private chat groups that the US President deserved full support, for example in the form of demonstrations, saying that the election had been stolen .

But because Trump has withdrawn to his golf club Mar-a-Lago in Florida, many Proud Boys no longer want to have anything to do with politics. The “New York Times” reports that the Proud Boys spread in dozens of news and channels that they no longer want to take to the streets for Trump or the Republican Party. Because: “Trump will end up as a total failure.” And: “Trump cheated on his supporters”.

“Weak man”

The U-turn began, according to the New York Times, when the president condemned rather than extolling the violent attacks on the Capitol. The Proud Boys felt betrayed. How could their “holy emperor” stand against them and then evacuate the White House as well? Trump is not an “honest fascist”. Trump would have “instigated” the events in the Capitol, but then “washed his hands off”. Trump is a “weak man”.

According to the newspaper report, the Proud Boys Telegram group even welcomed Biden into office. “At least this government is honest about its intentions,” it said, although there was still a lot of frustration over the “fraud” by Biden’s predecessor.

“Under the bus”

Other right-wing extremist groups had also turned their backs on Trump in recent weeks. “People were ready to die for this man, and he just threw them all under the bus,” wrote Nick Fuentes, host of the America First podcast and unofficial leader of the white-nationalist Groyper army, on Twitter after Trump died Condemned violence in Washington. Fellow activists from Fuentes and the Trump movements made similar posts.


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