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Most beautiful trip

“New York remains one of my favorite cities. It’s alive, it’s buzzing, as if you really get energy from that place. In 2017 I was there with four friends. We drank overpriced cocktails late into the night and danced in filthy cellars in Brooklyn, only to get up early day after day to get carried away by that city. ”

Longest journey

“The last long journey was to Mexico, a fantastic country with a lot of old culture and beautiful nature. I actually never leave for more than a month, then I miss Amsterdam. ”


“I always lose everything. On the plane: several times my phone, my e-reader and when I wanted to enter Mexico, I even discovered while we were already at customs that my passport was still in the seat compartment …

I ran back like crazy, it’s a wonder how I got there without being stopped. Luckily my passport was still there. ”

Ultimate gadget

“Do flip flops count? I really only wear them on vacation. That rattling noise really means vacation. ”

Best advice

“View a new city with a fresh perspective; Reading too much often has the opposite effect. Let yourself be surprised.

A cliché but true: experience the city like a local. Where will the residents eat, dance and shop? Those are the nicest and most authentic places. Now and then put that phone away and ask someone who lives there: Where can we have a nice meal? That’s how I discovered the best spots! ”


“In New York I met someone with the same taste in music. We still exchange new numbers with each other. ”

Strange food

“Turtle eggs in Suriname. That had to be done very secretly because turtle eggs are forbidden food there because it is an endangered species. I banned whatever it tasted like. I am too embarrassed for that. “

Always with you

“My e-reader, what an invention! I read up to three books a week on vacation. If you have to carry all that with you … ”


“Las Vegas. Very expensive, fake and aimed to drive you crazy. I became totally over-stimulated. ”

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