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Tough action in Netflix movie “Extraction” | Movie

As mercenary Tyler Rake he may be in a class of his own, but he does bleed. Yet the external injuries he suffers from the inner trauma that he has been struggling with for a long time have faded.

Former soldier Rake is hired to free the kidnapped son of a criminal Indian leader. This 14-year-old Ovi Mahjan (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) has been kidnapped by a powerful competitor from Bangladesh, king of the underworld in the capital Dhaka. So a violent job, but logistically not much more complicated than picking up and delivering a mail package.

That turns out differently in this adaptation of the graphic novel Ciudad by the American cartoonist Ande Parks. Which, in turn, was based on a film idea that the Russo brothers (Captain America, Avengers) had been on the shelf for a while. Meanwhile is Extraction also the debut of Sam Hargrave, a stuntman and stunt coordinator who developed into a full-fledged director under the wings of the same Russos. He appears to have more to offer than just delivering excellent action.

The bullets, city chases and flashy man-to-man fights Hargrave treats us to are spectacular and exciting. Only they also tell something about Rake, about his temporary protégé and their mutual relationship.

In a cynical world where everything is for sale and nothing sacred, Ovi’s youthful innocence becomes the shining beacon of hope for the Australian mercenary. Worth saving at any cost. In between all his athletic tours, Chris Hemsworth manages to make that inner wrap tangible. That is also strength.



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