Tourist in your own country! 17 surprisingly fun trips close to home

You don’t always have to travel far to be able to make nice trips. Just think of Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp… But our Belgian country has much more to offer. Here are 17 great ideas, perfect for getting inspired for a surprising day out:

1. Barefoot path

Enjoy walking around barefoot in the great outdoors, on a varied trail with wood, stones, tree chips, grass and water. It is something different! You can find such a barefoot path in various places in Flanders, including in Lieteberg and the Gentbrugse Meersen.

2. Geocaching

An old-fashioned treasure hunt, but using today’s technology, that’s geocaching. There are different types and you can find them just about everywhere. You can get some inspiration on this website.

3. Sail a boat

Rent a boat, enjoy beautiful views and the sun, moor for a refreshing drink … Could it be better? There are places everywhere in Flanders where you can rent a boat. A must is, for example, in the Leie region.

4. Brewery visit

Or how about a visit to a brewery? As soon as corona the weather permits. You learn something and you can also taste! That’s what they call a win-win ;-). Visits are organized in just about every brewery, so you’re sure to find one near you!

5. Damme

The surroundings of Damme are beautiful. You can walk or cycle in untouched nature and enjoy beautiful views. You can close it in the cozy village itself. You can browse among the literary gems in one of the many book shops (Damme is not known as a book village for nothing) or, when the catering industry reopens soon, enjoy a tasty snack and / or drink on one of the picturesque squares.

6. The Zwin

One of the best-known and most beautiful nature reserves in Flanders can be found on the coast. The Zwin has a unique character because it is a flooding area. You can walk to your heart’s content through nature and spot countless bird species.

7. Ypres and the Westhoek

Ypres and the surrounding area are also perfect for a day out. Do you follow the tracks of the great war, or would you rather enjoy the beautiful city center? Whatever you choose, you won’t get bored. And you should anyway The Last Post of course!

8. The Flemish Ardennes

Cycling enthusiasts in particular will enjoy themselves in the Flemish Ardennes. Either you can go on the sporty tour yourself by following one of the beautiful cycling routes, or you can get inspired in the Tour of Flanders Center in Oudenaarde.

9. Provincial Domain Puyenbroeck

The Domein Puyenbroeck guarantees a fun day out. You will find lots of fun activities, from (mini) golf, swimming, cycling or walking to cube or paddle: something for everyone!

10. Ooidonk Castle

The castle of Ooidonk is known as one of the most beautiful castles in our country, and is surrounded by a beautiful park of 45 hectares. Both the castle and the gardens can be visited under normal circumstances, but due to the current corona measures, it is closed during the month of April.

11. The Zilvermeer

On a summer day it is wonderful to stay at the Zilvermeer. You can refresh yourself in the swimming pond and you will find plenty of facilities to make it a great day for young and old. It looks like you are at the sea, but inland :-).

12. Arboretum Kalmthout

The Arboretum in Kalmthout is a large garden with a unique collection of plants. You will find one of the most varied plant collections (more than 7,000!) On the European mainland. It is wonderful to stay there, summer and winter, and you can follow many fascinating workshops. Although the latter is temporary due to the crisis on hold put.

13. The Fort of Breendonk

Fort Breendonk served as a concentration camp during the Second World War. It is one of the best preserved camps and a visit will undoubtedly be a haunting experience …

14. Botanic Garden Meise

In the Botanic Garden in Meise you will not only find an incredibly extensive collection of living plants, there is also a gigantic herbarium with dried plant species from all over the world, an extensive library, not to mention a plant palace. So even when it rains you can marvel at the wonderful world of plants here.

15. Hageland

The beautiful nature of the Hageland is the perfect location for walking or cycling between the fruit trees. There are numerous routes that take you to the most beautiful places. Bring a picnic basket to top it all off!

16. Hesbaye

Haspengouw is the second largest fruit region in Europe and guarantees hours of cycling or walking pleasure. Or you can also go with the Vespa, why not! Whether you go in the blossom period or in the harvest period, you will be amazed anyway. And don’t forget to taste it of course!

17. BE-Mine Beringen

The Beringen mining site was protected as a heritage site in 1993. It is the only Limburg mining site where the industrial heart of the mine has been preserved. It makes sense that you will also find a Mining Museum there, where you can (re) experience the story of the mining past. Looking for even more day trips, click here to view more than 75.


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