Tourist returns stolen items to Pompeii because they are “cursed”

A Canadian woman has returned several items to the Pompeii tourist site. She stole it fifteen years ago and has been in a lot of bad luck ever since. She is convinced that the objects are cursed and begs for “forgiveness from God”.

Since the archaeological site in Pompeii was opened to tourists, people have been stolen there. In the meantime, many people have also regretted their theft and returned the items they stole.

This happens so much that a museum has even been set up on the site where all returned stolen items and letters full of confessions are exhibited. The latest in that exhibit is one special.


A Canadian woman named Nicole has sent several items back to Pompeii, The Guardian writes. The reason? She’s had too much misfortune since taking them home, so she says they are cursed.

It concerns various mosaic tiles, pieces of an amphora and pieces of ceramics. She had stolen those (parts of) objects in 2005. Since then, she has fought breast cancer twice and has had financial difficulties.

Pain and suffering

The package that a travel agent received from southern Italy also contained stones that another Canadian couple wanted to return. “We took them without thinking about the pain and suffering the poor souls experienced during the eruption of Vesuvius and their terrible death,” they wrote in a letter.


The vast majority of tourists who steal from the Pompeii tourist site do so to bring home souvenirs. But sometimes people take it a serious step further. For example, a stone appeared on eBay about fifteen years ago, which disappeared from the site in 1958.


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