towards a bonus raised to € 8,000?

While the government should announce early next week a series of measures to revive the automotive industry, our colleagues from Parisien raise the bonus for electric cars. Today limited to € 6,000, it could climb up to 8,000 euros under the new government mechanism.

Intended to revive the automotive sector in the aftermath of Covid-19, the recovery plan for the automotive sector should be announced Tuesday, May 26 at the latest by Emmanuel Macron in person. While the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire had already indicated wanting to favor the vehicles which emit the least CO2, our colleagues from Parisien lift the veil on part of the measures which will be announced there.

7000 or 8000 € bonus for the purchase of an electric car

Evoking a strengthening of existing measures, Le Parisien announces the increase in the bonus granted to electric cars. Today set at € 6,000 for individuals, it would climb between € 7,000 and € 8,000.

Limited to € 3,000 since 1er January, the bonus granted to companies would also be revised upwards. The Parisian evokes an amount ranging from 5,000 to 6,000 €.

However, it is not known whether the price criteria will be retained or not. Introduced at the start of the year, these provide for a reduction in the bonus for electric cars of more than € 45,000 and a cancellation beyond € 60,000.

Current amount

Stimulus package amount


€ 6,000

7,000 – 8,000 €


€ 3,000

5,000 – 6,000 €

Bonus return for plug-in hybrids

Electric cars will not be the only ones to benefit from a reinforced device. Arrested for a few years already, the bonus granted to plug-in hybrid cars should also make a comeback with the recovery plan.

Less than that granted to electric cars, aid could go up to € 2,000.

An extended conversion bonus

Accessible in return for the scrapping of an old vehicle, the conversion bonus should also be increased in order to help manufacturers sell their stocks. Today evaluated at 400,000 vehicles, this stock consists almost entirely of thermal vehicles.

Le Parisien thus evokes aid passing from 1,500 to 2,000 € for modest households and from 3,000 to 4,000 € for “very modest”. The rules of the device would also be relaxed.

Author’s opinion

If it is necessary to await the official announcements of the government before slashing the champagne, the car recovery plan promises to be very favorable for the electric. The Parisian, who had previously announced the 2020 bonus amounts, is generally reliable on the information he communicates.

Combined with European Union measures, which envisage a total exemption from VAT for electric vehicles, this enhanced bonus should encourage more motorists to switch to the electric solution. However, the government will have to make more efforts on the ecosystem side if it wants a massive transition to electricity. In my opinion, there are two main subjects: the right to the socket, which must be more fluid for the user, and the fast-charging stations which must be deployed massively along the main road axes, even if it is imposed on all or part of the service station operators.

Electricity should not however be seen as a single solution and I hope that this bonus can be extended to other categories of vehicles. I am thinking of those emitting less than 90 or 100 g CO2 / km or of vehicles running on natural gas which, when using biogas, display a very favorable carbon footprint.


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