Toyota Aygo replacement will not be hybrid or electric

Toyota has confirmed plans to renew its smaller city car, the Aygo replacement. The Japanese brand, yet leader in hybridization for 20 years, will not offer any electrification to this model. This will only have 100% thermal versions.

It is a decision which surprises, coming from Toyota, pioneer of the hybrid automobile. But the brand has indeed confirmed that the replacement for the Aygo would be neither hybrid nor electric. The Japanese giant is betting on accessibility in terms of price.

For greater profitability, Toyota will use the GA-B platform of the new Yaris as the basis for this new micro-city car. This will allow the manufacturer to remain present in segment A and to offer competitive prices. At the cost, however, of what has made it famous for the past 20 years.

This little Yaris will probably carry the 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine of its big sister. It will be assembled in the Czech Republic, like the current Aygo. This plant located in Kolín also produces the Citroën C1 and Peugeot 108, which will have no descendants.

This decision comes during the year when Toyota will release its first two electric cars. We had also seen the manufacturer’s doubts around ‘zero emission’ technologies.

The basis of the future Toyota city car

Author’s opinion

Toyota can afford to market a 100% thermal vehicle. The rest of its range is hybrid, and the brand is sailing well under European standards for polluting emissions. But the giant is hesitating today between lowering its prices and evolving technologically. It is therefore a real step backwards in terms of image, for a brand that has always boasted of its ecological objective and its technological advances.


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