Toyota Gazoo Racing Reader Campaign: Now’s the Racing Action!

AUTO BILD and Toyota Gazoo Racing bring a reader towards pole position. Four were selected from hundreds of applicants, who line up for a Course for racing license to win: Ina Schindelmann, Robert Kriesch, Max Eyck and Adrian Lemmler. Phase one: hot entry at the limit. On the Driving safety center FSZN at the Nürburgring Christian Menzel is ready. The professional racing driver is a coach at the FSZN and is taking the four participants to their driving limit today. With four Toyota GR Supra (258 or 340 hp) and two 261 hp Toyota GR Yaris they should show what they can do in four challenges. At the end of the day you will eventually only three of them go to the next round come. Previous knowledge is not crucial. The approach, implementation of tips and, above all, the personal learning curve are more important.

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Racing action with AUTO BILD and Toyota Gazoo Racing

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Challenge 1: Responsiveness and drifting

After a brief introduction by Christian Menzel, each participant grabs a GR Supra. First stand Slalom driving and evasive maneuvers including reaction test on a slippery sliding surface. Menzel takes a close look at everything. How do the participants sit in the car? Who drives quietly, who is right at the limit? How quickly do they react to an erupting stern? Everyone can improve with tips from professionals. Then it starts Drifting on a wet circular path. The goal: who can do the most laps?

Toyota Gazoo Racing Action - Day 1

The stern is pulled away on the vibrating plate. Then it’s time to catch the car and avoid the fountain.

What sounds simple is more than tricky even on slippery surfaces. It is important to find the right balance between constant use of gas and steering movements. Menzel keeps giving tips over the radio and knows exactly who is implementing it and how well. The tone also becomes a little brisk. “I want to see how the drivers react under stress and can deal with criticism,” says the racing driver.

Challenge 2: Fitness and driving precision

Toyota Gazoo Racing Action - Day 1

The fitness challenge required two sprints. To do this, the GR Yaris had to be parked with millimeter precision.

In addition to skill, racing also requires a lot of strength and endurance. To theirs fitness To prove it, the participants therefore have to get one Combined course of two sprints, driving precision and a fast lap in the GR Yaris master. The task: sprint to the car, drive down a course, circle backwards into a narrow parking space made of pylons and sprint back again – and all of this for a limited period of time.

Challenge 3: time trial

Toyota Gazoo Racing Action - Day 1

In the time trial, the participants came within 1.5 seconds of the professional racing driver’s time.

The third challenge is also about good times. On the FSZ is a Course set out, the one with a GR Yaris must be completed as quickly as possible target. Menzel presents: 53.33 seconds. After a warm-up lap, it’s the turn of the participants – and they drive really fast right away. The fastest is only 1.5 seconds behind the professional racing driver’s time. Hats off!

Challenge 3: stay cool!

Toyota Gazoo Racing Action - Day 1
Christian Menzel chased each participant once over the driving safety center in the GR Supra.

Finally, the participants take a seat in the passenger seat of the Toyota GR Supra as Christian Menzel’s passenger. The goal: stay calm! Because the racing driver chases the 340 hp rear-wheel drive car drifting around the course and pushes the car and passenger to their limits. The heartbeat of the participants is measured by a heart rate monitor. This shows mercilessly who stays really cool at the limit.

Next up is the racing simulator

Toyota Gazoo Racing Action - Day 1

Robert Kriesch, Ina Schindelmann, Christian Menzel, Max Eyck and Adrian Lemmler (from left) in front of GR Yaris and GR Supra.

The day is an absolute highlight for everyone. But in the end someone has to leave, even if they do the result is very close fails. It hits Adrian, who takes it sporty: “Of course it’s a shame, but the day was unique. To have Christian Menzel as an instructor alone was amazing!” For Ina, Robert and Max in lap two a day in the racing simulator at Toyota Gazoo Racing at. Sequel follows!

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