Toyota GR 86: test, engine, price, interior, drift

Not 1.3 tons light, 234 hp strong and direct from Toyota’s driving fun group Gazoo Racing delivered. More beautiful than with that new GR 86 time can hardly be spent. Where the predecessor GT86 always looked a bit like lukewarm soup, the new one is supposed to be thanks to the 34 hp power pump and now 250 Nm Torque (plus 45 Nm) for hot Rear-wheel drive dance on the slopes. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)

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It should also help that the force is applied much earlier. This is already evident in the sprint Tempo 100, the one with 6.3 seconds succeeds a full 1.3 seconds faster. In addition, the GR 86 weighs around 20 kilograms less, Toyota promises at the same time 50 percent more rigidity. In any case, the hood and fenders are now off aluminum, this shifts the center of gravity downwards and slightly backwards. Let’s go! With snotty-cheeky sound he trumpets out of the pit lane, the steel brakes grab for the first time, and the rear end wants to break out at the apex of the bend.
Toyota GR 86

Fits: Less than 1.3 tons, 234 hp and delivered directly by Toyota’s driving fun group Gazoo Racing.

Cornering too fast provokes drifts

It’s just inconvenient for us, because after the first right it goes uphill. A clean line would have been a better choice. So on the two following fast right-handers we try to keep up a lot of speed – which works well, because the rear tends to wedge out if you stab too quickly into the curve. If you let the car roll and accelerate early, you’ll only get a slight twitch in the rear of the car. In the tight left-hand bend that follows, we enjoy the incredibly communicative, because light front axle. The Steering behavior is of the very fine varietyonly those who accelerate too early after the crown will quickly smear the outside.

Toyota GR 86

Top: Toyota has freshened up the interior in a contemporary way. Everything looks clearer, more modern, better processed.

Inside has Toyota refreshed in a contemporary way. Everything looks clearer, more modern, better processed. The Track mode or switch off the driving aid completely. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)
Technical data Toyota GR 86engine: Four-cylinder boxer, longitudinally at the front • Displacement: 2387 cm³ • Output: 172 kW (234 PS) at 7000 / min • max. torque: 250 Nm at 3700 / min • drive: rear wheel, six-speed manual • length / width / height: 4265/1775/1310 mm • empty weight: 1275 kg • 0-100 km / h: 6 , 3 s • Vmax: 226 km / h • Price estimated) 31,000 euros.

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