Toyota GR Corolla (2022): pictures leaked on Instagram

Images of the new Toyota GR Corolla have surfaced on Instagram – and that’s before its debut! At 1:30 a.m. on April 1st our time, the new Corolla will be presented in the USA. But what he looks like is already clear from the leaked pictures on Instagram: brutal down to the last detail. It is therefore on an equal footing with the GR Yaris, GR Supra and GR 86.

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Two teaser images and a video had recently appeared. The door sill that can be seen on it with the inscription “GR-FOUR” (stands for the all-wheel drive system) and the wheel arch ventilation on the front fenders can now also be seen on the leaked photos.

Toyota GR Corolla

Three exhaust tailpipes and a striking spoiler on the rear window give the GR Corolla a brute design.

The exhaust system also catches the eye: there is one tailpipe per cylinder. The spoiler on the rear window and the large, open, black radiator grille on the front give the GR Corolla a sporty and brutal design.

GR Corolla gets the technology from the GR Yaris

Some data on the GR Corolla have been known for some time. The Corolla comes with the same engine as the Japanese variant of the GR Yaris. That means: Under the hood is the 1.6-liter three-cylinder G16E-GTS engine with turbocharger and 272 hp. In Europe, the GR Yaris only makes 261 hp.
In addition, Toyota has already published a teaser showing the GR Corolla with manual transmission. Toyota recently tested a GR Yaris with an eight-speed automatic transmission, which until now has only been available with a manual transmission. According to the “motor1” blog, this plan probably also applies to the new Corolla. But when that will happen is not yet known.

The many air intakes already reveal that there are a few little horses slumbering under this bonnet.

Unclear if the GR Corolla is coming to Europe

What Toyota has shared with the public so far does not indicate that the GR Corolla will be available as a sedan. So far only the hatchback variant is known. It is also unclear whether the new Corolla will come to Europe. However, the assumption is that the GR Corolla is primarily intended for the USA, since the GR Yaris is not available there.

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