Toyota GR Yaris (2022): even sharper version with a large wing

There is news on the even sharper version of the GR Yaris. Toyota has released a promising teaser and will unveil the car as early as January 14, 2022 at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Even if the picture is kept very dark, a ventilated bonnet, a large rear wing as well as an apparently newly designed front apron with aerodynamic flics and neat splinters can be seen.

It is likely to be the same vehicle that Toyota was already on in September 2021 Nürburgring has tested. The Japanese have renounced any camouflage and with the potent microcar, apparently in the future sheet metal dress, turned their tuning drives on the Nordschleife.

Toyota GR Yaris teaser

The teaser shows an even sportier version of the GR Yaris. Particularly noticeable: the large wing and the ventilated bonnet.

If this was the production version, we can also refer to it Air outlets on the front wheel arches and special rims be happy. They seem to have been specifically designed for the tuning version of the Yaris and are reminiscent of Le Mans touring cars à la TS050 or the GR010.
Toyota GR Yaris

Special rims and ventilation on the wheel arches: This GR Yaris no longer has much in common with the original.

Toyota could introduce a special model or TRD parts

It is still questionable what Toyota will do with this particularly sharp GR Yaris. It is announced as a “completely tuned Yaris” – so it could be a limited special edition, the Toyota possibly as with the predecessor with the suffix GRMN (stands for: “Gazoo Racing Meister of Nürburgring”) equips. Possibility two would be sporty add-on parts, which would then probably be sold under the in-house tuning label TRD.

A limited GRMN could produce around 300 hp

However, should it become a special model, an increase in performance can also be expected. The GR Yaris’ 1.6-liter turbo three-cylinder currently has an output of 261 hp and is equipped with all-wheel drive and manual transmission.
Tuners have already proven that the engine still has some room for improvement. For example, DTE Systems got 292 HP out of the engine with an additional control unit. The Japanese website “Carsensor” reported at the end of October 2021 that Toyota even tickled 300 hp from the engine and omitted the rear seats for weight reasons. Allegedly, however, a hybrid solution with an electrically powered rear axle should also be considered, which will not change anything in the previous internal combustion engine.

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