Toyota Hiace RV: This Toyota Hiace is a cool hybrid

With the terms Toyota and Hybrid everyone thinks involuntarily of the industry pioneer Prius. The same goes for the topic camping the VW Bulli at the top of the list. But there are people who break this familiar frame of thinking with their vehicles. Just like currently on eBay.
It says a Toyota Hiace of the series XH10 for sale, the for Camper was expanded: a white, inconspicuous at first glance Box van with truckpermit, the 9500 Euro should cost. But the Japanese has a few surprises.

Toyota Hiace Hybrid Motorhome on eBay

eBay Toyota Hiace Camper

Things are relatively sober in the cockpit of the Hiace. But everything you need to travel is there.

Toyota Transporter has not seen a winter since 2014

The current owner describes his campervan nicely detailed. 2014 the Hiace got one Cavity preservation and was complete with Underbody protection treated. Since then, the car has according to the information none winter seen more and apparently wasn’t even moved in the rain. A Maintenance– and Repair backlog there is not any. Mainly the Toyota is on the Long haul been on the way. 203,000 kilometers have come together. The next appointment at TÜV stands in May 2022 at.
The Toyota has one trailer hitch and is 4-fold summer tires. at 170,000 kilometers Mileage was that Manual transmission obsolete. the Glow plugs has the owner with 190,000 kilometers Have it exchanged as a precaution. Regular Maintenance and Fluid change were made. the Road tax from March to October is 107 euros. That the car outside and inside Signs of use the seller speaks openly. According to the ad text, there is also a lighter on the roof Hail damage ascertain.
eBay Toyota Hiace Camper

The camping extension can be removed in an hour and the Toyota Hiace functions as a transporter.

Hybrid use of the camping bus possible

Of the Campermodification comprises a long list of points. Here are the most important ones: The rear one Bench can be turned into a Lying area fold in size 150 centimeters by 150 centimeters. There is a Kitchenette with sink and tap on board. That Shower water is heated by the engine heat, which rear window is tinted. Join in LED daytime running lights, a cruise control, a advertisement for the oil and for the outside temperature, one backup camera, a 100 Ah battery and a matching one Charging booster, a 1000 watt inverter and several USB charging ports in the stern.
The real highlight of the car, however, is that you can use it in several ways to use can. Of the campingexpansion can be according to the display within an hour remove and the Hiace becomes a normal transporter. Then he drags Tools and construction materials or Mountain bikes and Motocrossmotorcycles. An interesting argument for anyone who lacks space to put a camper under or the financial resources to run a pure fun vehicle.
A more precise one Check the Body substance and the technical State of care must be before buying as with any motor vehicle. To do this, the Quality of the remodeling checked and the Maintenance costs be calculated.

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